Integration courses are German language courses sponsored by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). They are aimed at immigrants from all over the world as well as foreigners with long-term residency in Germany, who have not yet learned sufficient German. Integration courses can also be attended by repatriates, German citizens with immigrant background and EU citizens.

Understanding the German language and culture is an important precondition for successful integration in Germany. The higher your language proficiency, the more actively you can participate in daily life. You also improve your chances in school, work and society. The general integration course consists of 700 lessons. It consists of a language course with a total of 600 hours, which leads from A1 to B1 and in which you learn the language skills that you need for speaking and writing in everyday life. During the 100 lessons of the orientation course you will gain information about life in Germany. Additionally, it provides you with knowledge about the legal system, the culture and the recent history of Germany.

The general integration course ends with two final tests

  • German Language Test for Immigrants (DTZ)
  • "Living in Germany" Test (LiD), the test relating to the orientation


The integration course costs € 195 per course of 100 lessons, if you already have written confirmation which entitles or obliges you to attend an integration course. This amount is to be paid at the beginning of each module of 100 hours and before the orientation course. The two final tests are free. Participants can apply for exemption from the costs, if they receive, e. g. unemployment benefit II, social or housing benefits. In addition to the general integration course, there is also a special literacy course for participants who cannot yet read or write proficiently. These courses consist of 960 hours of instruction. In these courses immigrants learn in small groups not only how to speak German but also how to read and write the Latin alphabet. We would be pleased to advise you, conduct placement tests and prepare the necessary application for admission to an integration course as required by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

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